HOT MAKEUP was founded by Francini Franco, who’s dream became a reality in 2010. The principals that founded HOT Makeup were to provide a cosmetics line made from quality ingredients, utilizing the most advanced ingredient technologies, at an uninflected price, be readily available and user friendly.

Our unique highly pigmented colors, have a long lasting effect after application, holding the visible quality for a long day, a great night out or while your being filmed for the next indi movie to be aired at Sundance.

Our focus is to provide beauty to the world, encompassing all cultures and walks of life. We love art, we love artists, we love diversity and we love expression. Above all else, we champion everyone’s right of expression. All over the world, color is infused in every culture. From the carnival’s in Brazil and Venice, and the festival of colours (Holi) in India and England (Colour Run), expression and the joy of life are what brings all our cultures together.

We’re not in the makeup business we’re in the business of expression. Helping people all over the world, to express themselves. We don’t judge, we accept. We don’t limit, we give you boundless possibilities. We look to you for the inspiration and we provide you an artists’ pallet of possibilities.

The world is one people, not one nation and we have always designed our makeup for any and all skin types.

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